Monday, August 1, 2011

Good-Bye Baseball!

Tyson and the "Hot Rods" finished up their baseball season back in June. The team is NOT supposed to keep score, but according to the coaches the team was undefeated. What a great way for Ty to start his sports career. LOL!
(The photos above were taken by Shannon Maggi with "With His Light" Photography)

The team's banquet was held at McDonald's on Main Street where each boy received a trophy. I'm not sure exactly what Tyson thinks in his head a trophy is or means, but apparently he thinks it's like receiving a million dollars because he treasures that trophy like you wouldn't BELIEVE!

Until next season....
Tyson meets back up with his team at McDonald's. He's a shrimp next to his teammates.
Tyson and his team eat breakfast together. He was being stubborn and goofy and wouldn't look at the camera hence the reason you see the back of his head.
Tyson receives his trophy or $1,000,000.00
He was all smiles!
He was so thrilled!
He was in his glory!
Gabe receives his trophy next!
James receives his trophy.
Mr. Serious!
Tyson sits with Jake at the banquet! Ty LOVES HIM dearly. He's the closest thing to a big brother for him.