Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Back To School Night!"

(Tyson and Jax hold hands, in the hallway, at Fort Lewis Elementary, as they head to check out Ty's 1st grade classroom).
On Thursday, Tyson had "Back To School Night". Tyson was able to meet his teacher, Mrs. Thomsen, check out what students are in his class, see where his desk is located and drop off his school supplies.
It was a TAD overwhelming because we made the horrible call to bring Lilah and Jaxon. We should have gotten a babysitter. Oh well!
I've said this to many already, but I LOVE HIS TEACHER. She's organized beyond belief, you can tell she has a true love for teaching, very motherly, and extremely captivating to her audience. She loves and believes in positive reinforcement and a reward system and I honestly think I do too! Ever since the marble jar entered our home, life in the Bolling house has been a lot smoother.
I cannot believe the return to school, for Ty, is less than 36 hours away!