Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous FINDS Friday!

My dear friend Ashely created a cute idea that she blogs about, most Wednesdays, and titles them "What I Love Wednesday!" She talks all about what she is loving on that particular day. It ranges from foods, to her family, to items at a store. I could easily copy her, but I don't want to steal her thunder, so instead, I came up with an idea, all on my own, that I think you will LOVE.

Yes, I am known to spend, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE deals. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Dollar Tree. I hope to post, every Friday, "Fabulous Finds". These finds will be "steals" so to speak. There may be a few times I cannot resist the urge to post about something that I should have refrained from buying, due to price, but for the majority, my goal is to share things, with you, that are affordable and practical.

Let me know what you think of my first post titled, "Fabulous Finds Friday!"

1. Star Wars "ReColoritz" by Crayola.
Amazon List Price: $11.97
Dollar Tree: $1.00

Anytime I spot ANYTHING Crayola at the Dollar Tree, I buy it in BULK. Tyson has this item in the Cars theme. I paid $8.99 for it about 3 years ago. When I spotted this item, I bought 3 of them. I have no idea who needs them or who they will go to, but I am thrilled to have saved over $30.00. Now, don't be offended if this ends up in a gift bag to your child for his/her birthday. I won't just give him that alone.

For details about this item, click here. I'm trying hard not to be TOOOOO wordy in my posts so that's why I didn't give a description.

2. Spiderman Travel Kit Toothbrush Plus Cap

Ebay List Price: $3.99
Dollar Tree: $1.00

Not only is this item CHEAPER at the Dollar Tree, but it's trendy and practical. Okay, so what's so cool about this item? The "cap" has a suction cup on the back of it. NOW, I do not like my toothbrushes exposed for several reasons, so I wouldn't use it to stick to the sink or anything like that. Although, I won't judge you if you do. :) Here are two great suggestions for this item:

Suction cup this toothbrush to the inside of your child's shower or bath. Include a trial size toothpaste and while they are bathing/showering, have them brush their teeth at the same time, "killing two birds, with one stone."


Suction cup this toothbrush to the INSIDE of a half bathroom cabinet (inside not outside). Before school, have your child brush his/her teeth on the main floor of your home so they don't get side tracked being on another floor, possibly causing them to miss the bus.

3. Baby Shower Trinkets/Gift Wrappings

List Price on Ribbon: $3.99-$4.99 at AC Moore
Dollar Tree: $1.00

I am a HUGE fan of "fillers" and pretty wrappings. Don't judge me. I promise I am also giving this soon-to-be mommy a special "something" (I cannot mention it incase she reads my blog), but I thought this little snow globe would sit nice on her soon-to-be son's nightstand. And it will be nicely wrapped with this adorable blue/white polka dot ribbon.

4. Crinkle Paper

List Price: $4.99 at Michael's Art Supply
Dollar Tree: $1.00

LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I use it for everything! Don't mind the ugly colors I chose. I have a very creative purpose behind this color selection.

5. Teacher Gifts

I love to give Tyson's teachers' gifts. I do it for almost every occasion (yes even Halloween and Easter). I don't know if there is any retail savings here, but it is a very sweet, cute, and practical gift. Typically these items are purchased at Hallmark or even Wal-mart for far more then I paid. 3 items for $3.00. Who can beat that?

I know apple gifts are corny and "payed out", but I would give this sweet notepad, note cards, and magnetic pad with a gift card or something else. Don't forget to reward those people that teach your children more than you probably do :)

I hope you enjoyed the first "Fabulous Finds Friday!" post. Until next Friday! AND, if you'd like to share a fabulous find with me, just email it to me and I will feature you on my blog, after I approve it of course :) I have a feeling my very frugal friend Erin will be featured on here a TON!