Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saving It For A Mid-Afternoon "Snack!"

Today the kids went to the movies with Allison while mommy got a much needed break. As you probably have seen, every time I take them to the movies, I let them fill a snack bag of candy up to take with them. Beats paying $4.00 for a .50 cent box of skittles. Any whoooo, today, after Lilah woke up from her nap, I spotted her sweet innocent baby and a "mid-day snack" attached or rather STUCK to it. YUCK!!!!!!!!! We were wondering where the gum disappeared to during the movies.

Thank GOD for Goo Gone and a washing machine.

PS. Notice that "Baby" also has an addition to her "attire". I was swapping out Lilah's earrings the other day and I notice she had also picked out some earrings for her baby. It calmed Lilah down knowing that "baby" didn't cry when she was putting earrings in her ears. So I let her keep them in. So sweet and so cute, I can't take it!