Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bringing Back A Favorite!


It used to be a favorite game of mine as a child. I introduced Tyson to it when he was about 2 1/2 years old and he played it for a few years, but he hasn't opened the game since the twins have been born. Life's been a tad BUSY! :)
I gave the kids the idea to pull it back out while I cleaned up dinner.
I thought this was such a sweet moment to capture their little hands AND BIG hands playing the game!
I taught them how to play the correct way and that worked for a little while, but then the BIG kidS had to switch it up a bit. Whatever the switch up was, it created a ton of laughs.
This was Jax's version of getting his hippo to eat a marble. He placed the marble RIGHT in FRONT of his hippo's mouth. Tyson wasn't real happy about this because he is MR. COMPETITOR!!

After his hippo grabbed the "staged" marble, Jax would get so excited and yell, "I did it mommy!"

Before this post, I walked over to our game closet and counted well over 40 board games that we have for these children. YIKES! It will be a GREAT closet to send them to when they are a few months older and can really grasp how to follow the rules.