Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grandma's Gems!

Last Thursday, when Granee joined us for a "pop in playtime" at Pump it up, she brought Lilah a special surprise. Granee cleaned out her jewelry box, gathered all the small earrings that would fit Lilah's ears, and passed them down to her. Lilah may be a little too young to grasp the beautiful gift that this is, but I am not. There's nothing more special, to me, than receiving a gift that was once a grandparent's.

Granee, we will cherish these beautiful earrings. Every time Lilah wears a pair of these special earrings, she will be reminded of YOU!
We placed them in Lilah's jewelry box that she received for Christmas last year.
Lilah wore one of the pairs of Granee's earrings, today, to Church.

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  1. beautiful. i LOVE family things like that!!!! your making me wish i had a girl... ok i take that back. no more babies. ill put earrings in calebs ears instead.


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