Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tough Mudder Group Enjoys A Day At The Lake!

Darren and a group of guys from our church (Aaron Fernandez, Toph Blankenship, Andrew Cundiff, Jeremie Shelor, and Jonathan Murphey) are training for the "Tough Mudder." Every Saturday, they meet at 6:30 am to train for it. Aaron has them doing INTENSE stuff. On top of an 8-10 mile run, they perform various obstacles/workout routines. Darren comes home WIPED out. Check out the youtub video on "Tough Mudder" to see exactly what these guys will be up against.
Last Saturday, the guys left Roanoke and headed to Smith Mountain Lake to train. They ran in the dead of the heat and then decided to swim miles and miles, cooling off, in the lake. Later the mommies and children met up with their hubby for a fun-filled day at the Lake.

Lisa's father owns this lake condo. He has a ton of fun amenities that add much adventure to the lake experience: a paddle boat, a jet ski, and a pontoon boat just to name a few. Aaron and Lisa were gracious enough to host this event. They ordered Quiznos Subs, had a cooler filled with drinks, and treated all the kids to ice cream. It was a very relaxing day. The fellowship was wonderful and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

We look forward to cheering these guys on in October!!! Their team name is, "We Might Not Finish!" After all of their hard work, I have NO DOUBT they will finish this 10 mile obstacle coarse. Enjoy the pictures from our day spent at the lake!!!!