Monday, July 18, 2011


(Jax's LAST passie).

Unintentionally, Jax no longer has a passie and hasn't since July 14th. This has pretty much broken my heart. We were down to one passie and yes, it was a pink one. The only store that sells the brand of his passie preference, in boy colors, is Babies R Us. I haven't been able to make it out there lately. It's probably a good thing. I recall posting a message on Lisa's blog after she made a post that Vivian no longer has her passie. My comment read...

"Wow. Many BIG changes. I am in no rush to remove Jax from his passie. He's my last baby and I am more addicted to watching him suck on it than he is to sucking it. I know it needs to happen sooooooon along with potty training but with 2, it's sometimes 2 impossible to get the umph and do it!!!!!! Thanks for the umph!"
This was totally unexpected. Basically, it was accidental. Jax's teeth tore a small hole in the passie. As most everyone knows, if the passie has a hole, the passie does not work as it is intended to. "It's broken" as Jax would say. Being I had an extra 3 children to watch that day, I had no time to run out and buy him more. He had to just take it like a man and as whiney as Jax can be sometimes, he really did do just that. He did cry the first two nights for about 10 minutes, but now, he goes down without asking for it.

It has taken every BIT of me to NOT go out and buy him some more. I was at Target today and was VERY tempted to walk down the aisle and see if they had any blue passies. I realize that it would be foolish and would only be back tracking, but it does hurt immensely. I wanted us to say good-bye together. I wanted to choose when that last "suck" would be so I could savor it. As I expected, he handled this MUCH better than I.

He LOVES when he heads to bed without it. He says, "I big boy. No passie!" IT's the sweetest thing ever. And I've tried to get the entire family and friends to randomly encourage him and give him a "pat on the back" about it.

Things to remember about "passie"

*Jax has taken a passie ever since he was born.
*Jax loved to hide his passie or throw it. HENCE the reason we were down to one.
*Jax went from calling it "paki" to "passie go" to "passie." So sweet. He called it "passie go" because I did. When we ran out or he hid them, we would always search for it and say, "Where'd passie go!" We just blended the two words. Any excuse to baby talk.
*Jax pretty much adopted the PINK passie due to lack of merchants who sold blue ones.
*The passie would totally end any and all fussiness.
*Jax loved, for some time, and when he had two available, to have "two passies". One in his hand and one in his mouth. Sometimes, he would put TWO in his mouth.
*Every Monday we'd start out with 5-6 passies and by Friday we had 1 left. Little stinker.
R.I.P. Passie March 25, 2009 through July 14, 2011