Monday, July 25, 2011

The Bolling Bunch - Day 4

On the final day of the "Bolling Bunch" project, I decided to venture up to the top of Mill Mountain and take the kids to the zoo. As much work as it is to pack up a car and prepare to be out of the house with 6 kids for several hours, to me, it was well worth it. My house stayed cleaner that way ;)

The zoo was a BIG success. The kids were all dressed in zoo attire and looking like mini zoo keepers. We used a ton of party favors left over from Lilah and Jaxon's Noah's Ark party. We turned A LOT of eyes. People stopped me left and right asking me if they were all my children. Most everyone who stopped asked, "Are they twins?" But they weren't referring to Lilah and Jax, they were referring to Lilah and Saleece.

Surprising this trip to the zoo went VERY smoothly. It was like a miniature field trip.

After the zoo, we returned home around 3 pm. I put the 4 youngest children down and left Tyson with Gianna for 15 minutes to grab something at the grocery store. While I was gone, Gianna and Ty cleaned the garage and prepare a card table for an ice cream social we planned to have after dinner. Gianna is a mini-me.

The day was beyond eventful. From a kids workout video, to the zoo, the an ice cream social, to Backyard Bible Club. Shew! Just reliving that day makes me tired. LOL! I hope you will enjoy viewing the photos and videos from that day!