Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Bolling Bunch - Day 3

Today was a fun filled day. Gianna and Ty stuck to their normal routine and headed to sports camp at 8:30 am. I rushed around to get the other 4 kids ready and out the door by 9:30 am. I wanted to do something fun with them so we went to see at movie at Valley View Grande Cinema. We chose to see the movie "Barnyard Animals". It was a really cute movie and the kids sat through the entire thing minus 15 minutes. I was okay with leaving a few minutes early because I wanted to pick up the kids from camp today.

After naps, I loaded up 5/6 kids and headed to Burger King so the kids could eat and play before church. They seemed to enjoy it.

Salene was excited to go to church with us tonight because all of the kids were taking a bus to attend Backyard Bible Study. This was the highlight of Salene's day. She even went up to a stranger yesterday at the Bahama ice shack and said, "Hey you know what? I'm going on a bus tomorrow!" LOL!

The girls are starting to miss home, but they are maintaining great composer and anticipate mommy and/or daddy's arrival on Friday!!!!