Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pretty In PINK!

I'm really into "firsts" lately. I've been dying to paint Lilah's toe nails, but when I've asked her if I could do it, she hasn't seemed interested. The other night, I asked again, and she said, "yes!" I whispered in her ear and said, "Come on, let's leave these boys behind and go do something girly together!" She giggled and allowed me to whisk her away. We weren't even halfway up the stairs and I could hear Jax and Ty running after us.

I told the boys to leave us alone and to go be with daddy and I locked the bathroom door. They refused and sat outside the bathroom door asking us all kinds of questions.
I gave Lilah my basket of nail polish and told her to take her pick.
She chose a hot pink color.
But then spotted the black. You can see the wheels turning in this photo. I'm certainly glad she didn't pick black. I wouldn't have allowed it.
Her sweet toes BEFORE they got painted.
Mommy paints the piggies.
AFTER the tootsies were painted.
We let the boys in AFTER I was done painting her toes. One thing I am SURE no one knows about TY is he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES watching his mommy and sister get "dolled" up. He is also pretty obsessed with doing his sister's hair. So when I told him we needed something to dry his sister's nails, he ran away and came back with a fan. I'm a little fearful he may want to be a beautician one day :)
"Thanks bro-bro!" Lilah dries her nails.
I couldn't resist. I did her nails too.

She was like a littlle PRO!

Lilah was "tickled pink", lol, and couldn't wait to show her daddy. Unfortunately, daddy's response was.... "looks trashy!" :( And he followed it up with, "A little too Jonbenet Ramsey for my taste." I think she looks pretty in pink!

Tyson cannot wait for the next time we do this. He said, "Next time sissy has to paint her toes green!"