Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tyson/Baby John-John Exchange!

On Saturday, Tabby took Tyson on "the date" she and James gave to him for his birthday! See the post titled, "A very clever gift idea, one that I might steal!" The agenda was slightly rearranged because she added a party to it. In exchange for Tyson, we watched baby John-John. He brought so much joy to our day. He's such a happy baby!!!! The twins enjoyed his time spent at our home too.

Tyson left around 11:45 am. Jax and Lilah tried to go along for the ride too. They were bummed that Aunt Tabby didn't include them on this date.

Jax had just gotten out of the bath when Tabby arrived. He ran to her car thinking he was going too. YES, in the NUDE! HENCE the heart.

From our house, they went to James and Jude's Aunt Becca's house. She was having a company party for her husband. It included yummy food, bounce house and slip n slide fun. After the party, Tabby took James, Jude, and Tyson to Kung Fu Panda Part 2.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I spent time ironing while all three babies napped. When baby John-John woke up, he hung out with Darren and I. He's a definite BOY! He LOVED watching football with Darren.

My new nick name for baby John-John is "sticky fingers." While on Darren's lap, this little stinker grabbed a hold of a BRAND NEW bare of my panties (tags still on them) and decided to chew on them.

Then we all met up for dinner at Alejandro's Mexican Restaurant where we pigged out and gave each other our kids back. Thanks Shelor family for a great gift idea and for treating Tyson to a spectacular day. We missed your presence Jeremie!