Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Diary,

It's every child's/teenager's worst NIGHTMARE ... the fear of parents reading their diary. I used to be the kid/teenager that feared a snooping parent, but now I get to be the parent who snoops on my insanely cute 6 year old after he writes in his diary. Yesterday, while doing laundry, Tyson was QUIETLY in his room. If he was LOUD, I would have thought NOTHING about it, but Tyson = anything BUT quiet. I peaked in on him and I found him writing in his diary. I waited until today to read what he wrote. I found his key, unlocked the diary, and enjoyed lunch while reading it. Other than PEOPLE's magazine, it doesn't get any better than this. Maybe I should have been reading my Bible instead :)

I quickly ran to get my camera so I could capture this moment.
After the first photo, he caught me, and ran to hide in between the wall and the dresser to finish writing his thoughts.
He was RED with embarrassment.
"I love cammey and I want to mare her"

"I love cammey beecus she is beautiful."

He warned me yesterday, he said, "You better NOT tell Gretchen about this." He never said I couldn't share it with my blog readers. LOL! In any event, I told him he better learn how to spell Cami's name correctly. He was HIGHLY offended that I accused him of that and replied, "It sounds exactly like I spelled it c-a-m-m-e-y." So sweet!