Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evidence that the marble jar is working....

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is crumbs. No matter how HARD I try to drive eating over your plate home, the concept is just not understood. You'd be amazed at how many crumbs a bite size ritz peanut butter filled cracker makes in our home.

While upstairs getting the twins ready for the pool, Tyson was enjoying that exact snack. With a paper plate and placemat available to him, the crumbs apparently still took place. Normally, on any other given day, Tyson could care LESS about the crumbs. Never has. But today, upon my return to the main floor, look what I spotted.


Yes, it's absolutely DISGUSTING that on my dinner table sits a dust pan and hand broom along with my child's snack, but it's MUSIC to my ears. It sends chill bumps down my spine. My child knows where the dust pan is? My child knows how to use the dust pan? My child DESIRES to clean up after himself? Now, if he could only LEARN to put the dust pan/hand broom back, then he'd get a marble. Yup, that's right. He didn't get a marble. You can't do the job 50% of the way in our house and get rewarded for it. I'm hardcore, huh?

This post leaves me seriously wondering, why didn't I start this marble jar incentive SOOOONER!