Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CLOUDY with a Chance of RAIN!!!!!

At 3:40 pm, I loaded up the car in a SIMPLE fashion (unheard of for me) and headed to the pool so the kids could get a quick hour of swimming in before Daddy arrived home for dinner. About 4:40 pm, the sky turned DARK black. The pool guests quickly packed up and rushed to their vehicles. I more so than them because I just washed my car today.

Being our pool time was cut so short, I decided to let the kids try something NEW. Something even Tyson has never experienced. I let them play in the rain.

It's raining, It's pouring, the kids were ENJOYING....... IT!
Lilah and Tyson wait for the rain. They were so excited even though they really had no idea what to expect.
At first, Ty wasn't sure if he liked it or not. It was cold and fairly HARD rain.
But Lilah was showing him up. She was handling it like a man!
Tyson turned his lemons into lemonade!! Not really, lol, it's just rain water.
This is by far my favorite shot. Tyson and Lilah enjoy the rain while Jax's head peaks out at them. He's my reserved child. I kind of like that I have one of those. He has to really take some time to decide if it's worth it or not .
Big brother and "big" sister were really putting the pressure on. (Lilah copies EVERYTHING her big brother does.).
Jax finally caved. He was having the time of his life, until he began running. I warned all of them NOT to run, especially into the garage. The floor is SOOOOO SLIPPERY. Dangerously slippery.
And to no avail, all good things must come to an end. Look what happens when you don't listen to mommy. That is a GOLF SIZE knot on Jax's head. OUCH! He wasn't being disobedient. I really just think he forgot.
Brother consoles Jax. "It's okay buddy!"
Later, Jax gives it another try. I should have ended the fun there, but this was priceless for me. I've never seen so much laughter. You can tell in this photo that Ty is telling Jax to "walk" after he tried to run AGAIN!