Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Upon arriving home from Short Pump (Richmond, VA), I was greeted, at midnight, with signs posted all over the kitchen from my kiddies/hubby. Tyson also left, on the counter, for me the mother's day gift that he made at school. It was the perfect way to return home. So sweet and very thoughtful, not to mention creative. My actual gift was cash! I took it with me to the Short Pump Shopping Center :) I came home with most of it, but plan to spend it before our trip to the Bahamas in JUNE!

PS. The house was ALSO immaculate! Daddy cleaned the hardwood floors for me.

This note from Tyson read...
"Dear Mom, you or the best mom and you tuc me in my bed. Love Tyson."
The typos are NOT my own. So cute. :)