Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lisa Has A Birthday!!!!

She's 28!!! Youngin!!! Her hubby surprised her by inviting several couples to Isaac's for dinner. She walked in the door and was extremely confused. Almost as if she was giving the look, "Hey, I know those people. Why are they here also?" It was funny. She was very thankful and impressed. In the above photo she is smiling as she receives her free dessert.
Nathan and Erin Carroll, Ben and Molly Carroll, Lauren Cannon and Andrew Cundiff, Myself and Darren, Brett and Jody Williams, Aaaron and Lisa Fernandez, Dennis and Shannon Maggi, and Zach and Ashely Harris.
Aaron was so gracious to all of the guests. He paid for EVERYONE's dinner. Wow! Darren said, "I'm having a small heart attack for him."

Jody and Brett pause for a picture. I wish I had thought to take each couples picture. Especially one of Darren and I. We don't get dressed up that often. Oh well!