Monday, April 18, 2011

Presents from Mom, Dad, and Ty

This year we really scaled down dramatically in what we purchased the twins for their birthday for so many reasons. One in particular was the fact that they had a VERY nice birthday party! That alone could have very well been their birthday gift. I did capture the few things that we purchased for them. Enjoy taking a peak!
Tyson enjoyed being "in charge" during this time.
This was the FIRST gift Jax got to open on his own. Tyson winds up doing it for him.
A Chugginton train set.
Lilah with her BIG bro.
"What is it Lilah?", said Ty.
The minivan to go with her Loving Family doll house. It's made for twins. It has a pink and blue car seat in the back just like our minivan.
Little Tykes BBQ

Why didn't they have toys like this when we were born?