Monday, April 18, 2011

A Birthday Visit from Cee Cee, Salene, and Saleece

The day after Lilah and Jaxon's birthday, we received a scheduled visit from Cee Cee, Salene, and Saleece. The kids always anticipate seeing each other greatly. The first night we reunited, we planned to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese. We ended up going to El Toreo on Electric Road first because Chuck E. Cheese was a total mad house. After dinner, we stuck with our original plans and went to Chuck E. Cheese, but it was a total nightmare. I don't know if it was just that night or if it's every Saturday night, but there was a LINE all the way out the door. It's a sure sign that there truly is nothing in Roanoke for children to do aside from Chuck E. Cheese. We stayed all of 15 minutes. It was UNENJOYABLE, nerve wracking and HOT. We cooled off by eating a delicious scoop of gelato and Pino Gelato on Franklin Road. Our guests attended Church with us Sunday and each other's company the rest of the time. We decided to hang low being we have so many kids combined.

Thank you Cee Cee for always making an effort to be a part of their lives and their special day! It means a lot. We had a blast! Until the next time!!!!