Thursday, April 7, 2011

Conversation Worth Blogging

After the movie, we headed upstairs to get prepared for bed. While I was in the bathroom, Tyson and Darren were laying in our bed having a conversation that I thought was so cute and well worth blogging about.

Darren: "Ty, I really hope you and Jax get along better than Greg and Rodrick did in the movie we just watched."
Ty: "We will. Daddy, how much older is Rodrick from Greg? "
Darren: "Um, probably 4-5 years."
Ty: "Daddy, when I am in college will Lilah and Jaxon be in high school?"
Darren: "Yes."
Ty: "Will I be married?"
Darren: "Probably not!"
Ty: "Well, when can I get married?"
Darren: "Probably after college?"
Ty: "Who can I marry?"
Darren: "Whoever God has planned for you to marry."
Ty: "Like Cami?" (GEEZ. This kid will NOT get Cami off the brain. He ONLY has eyes for her.)
Darren: "Yes."
Ty: "Can I marry whoever I want?"
Darren: "Yes, for the most part."
Ty: "Even a Chinese woman?"
Darren: "Yes."
Ty: "Yea, but then we would never be able to talk to each other because she would speak Chinese."

After that.... I lost track of what was being said, but to me, this was hysterical.