Thursday, April 28, 2011

A New Friend Becomes An Enemy!

Yesterday, while mowing the lawn, Darren spotted a turtle. Tyson is dying for a new pet, so we agreed to let him keep the turtle over night. Okay, I agreed to it, not Darren. Tyson put him in a pot (not a pot I cook with, he tried, but I went ballistic. It's the pot we use to clean our tires on our vehicles.) and placed him on the floor next to our fish tank. Unbeknownst to me, Darren put the pot in the garage later that night. It sure was a good thing! This morning, upon entering the garage, Darren noticed the turtle vanished out of the pot. I thought turtles are supposed to be SLOW? Hours later (noonish) we found the turtle. He was hidden in between a propane tank and a cooler in our garage. Tyson was relieved and thrilled. He had his pet turtle back again. Well this "friend" was not a friend much longer after he was found. We were just about to let him loose and I said, "Ty, hold on, let me take a picture of him!" Ty, of course, being the ornery kid that he is, rolled his eyes with annoyance, but did as he was told. As he held the turtle and waited for me to snap the camera, the darn thing HISSED at him and BIT him. He screamed bloody murder, I screamed and began crying, and Jax fell to the floor in a panic. Darren came running, frantically to the garage where we all were, and was expecting to see the twins run over by a car in the road. YES, that's how LOUD our screams and cries were. I expected to seriously see Ty's finger snapped off. Oddly enough, even after the chill bump hiss and snap, he had a non-existent wound. I'd say God's angels were with us today for sure! NO MORE PETS: trained or wild. I have enough wildness in our home as it is. Needless to say, this friend quickly became an enemy.
Ewe! He's creepy looking.