Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moyer Park Playdate

Just another fun playdate with our small group moms and their children. I am so thankful for these families. They provide amazing fellowship, genuine friendship, laughter, and a great feeling of what family should be and feel like. Shannon, Ashely, and Dawn, we missed you!
Don't ask me what the heck this photo is about. My insanely adorable son, riding a fire chief car, in tiger sunglasses. He had his pink passie in his other hand. That would have made this photo even more hilarious!!!
Left to Right: Lila, Julia, Jax, Ansley, and Addie.
When we tried to get all the kids to look at the camera, Jax was the only one not participating, so Jody said, "Jax don't look at the camera!" She assumed reverse psychology would work. It mad him sad instead. LOL! He was NOT feeling well today, so he was a tad more sensitive than normal.
This was a very popular car at the Moyer Park.
"WEEEE!" Addie is not in our small group, but she was able to spend the day with us! She was so well behaved and such a great helper with all the littler children.
Erin thinks of everything! ALWAYS! She brought her own bubbles and sidewalk chalk to entertain the kids.
Kate eating her lunch. Lisa was so concerned it would get all over her because she wanted to do it all by herself. Our little ones are in the "I do it phase!"
Mason sleeps the beautiful day away! I wish it were me :)
Vivian sports her new hair cut!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Lilah and Kate go swinging. Lilah has a sucker in her mouth. She's a multi-tasker like her mommy.
Addie was Jax's personal nanny that day! He followed her around everywhere.
On the way home, Jax fell asleep with his passie in his mouth, LIKE THIS! So funny. I almost wrecked my car trying to capture it. LOL! Not really, but....