Thursday, April 14, 2011

Musical Beds!!

The boys are still bonding at night, but only this time it's in Tyson's bed, instead of Jax's crib. Darren and I decided that the crib is just too tight of a squeeze for both boys. Tyson refuses to sleep without him now. It's been going on a tad too long, so it's just what feels right to him. On one of the last nights Ty slept in the crib, Jax cried out in pain several times throughout the night. I'm sure, knowing Tyson, Jax was being beaten in his sleep. LOL! We told the boys they could still sleep together, but that they had to sleep in Ty's room instead. Darren thought it was a better idea anyway because it's a great way to slowly transition the twins from crib to bed. NOT THAT I AM IN ANY RUSH FOR THAT.

*Just happened to think... poor Lilah. She's been sleeping with her twin brother for 2 years now. She's now sleeping alone. How sad!*
It's pitch dark in their room, but of course the camera's flash makes these shots look like it's morning time.
You know me, I have to capture all the moments that mean something.

I sign off for tonight... and I plan to dismantle this sweet moment by putting Jax back in his crib for the night. Nite-nite. Sleep tight!!!!