Saturday, March 19, 2011

Problems with the name Jax

Lately, I've noticed, our ever so hip, son's name JAX, poses a few problems.

Mom: "Let's go to the car Jax!" aka carjack a vehicle

Mom: "Do you want an apple Jax?" aka Apple Jacks (the cereal)

Mom: "Hi Jax!" aka hijack an airplane

Mom: "Hey Jax!" aka Ajax the cleaning product

Mom: "Do you want a cracker Jax?" aka Cracker Jacks the caramel popcorn snack

Mom: "Do you wanna play Jax?" aka Jacks the game

Mom: "What color is this Jax?"
Jax: "Bue?"
Mom: "No. That's yellow Jax!" aka A yellow jack is a type of ocean fish

Mom: "That's mommy's phone Jax." aka Phone jack.

Just funny to think about and even funnier to hear when I say it. It catches me off guard.