Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting Prepared...

Our family purchased a year membership to our local zoo, Mill Mountain Zoo. It will be nice to visit on days when we just don't feel like fighting the pool crowds. Lilah and Jaxon's 2nd birthday party will be at the zoo, so on Friday, we took a drive out there. I figured I would get Lilah and Jax accustomed to the atmosphere. I also wanted to scope out the party area to know what type of decorations I will need. Unfortunately, the zoo does NOT allow balloons or straws, so that eliminates a piece of decor that I LOVE to use to make a party look like a party :(

The zoo was a little disappointing. I left there wondering if I made a bad decision choosing the zoo as the party venue. It's just under some major additions/reconstruction and it's a huge mess. Ashely and I joked on the way out and said that we only saw 4 animals and a bunch of Christmas trees. And it's the truth. For some reason, every cage had about 5-10 Christmas trees in it. Hopefully by April 2nd, things will be back to normal. AAAAAAHHHHH!

These photos are a sneak peak into a few of the animals our guests will get to see. All 4 of them. LOL! Should we move the party to our backyard?

Jax was there, but for some reason he didn't get captured. :(


  1. They will still have a blast at the zoo!!! And the Christmas trees.. well they are just a random "plus". Hopefully Zoo Choo will be up and running!

  2. Cyrus and I have gone to the zoo 2x since last Thursday and he loved it every time. The party is going to be so much fun...especially if those cute little praire dogs come out! Cyrus is so excited.


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