Monday, March 21, 2011

Lunch At "Bro-Bro's Kooool"

Today, I took Lilah and Jaxon out to lunch at Tyson's school. This was the first time the twins got to visit Tyson for lunch. I am REALLY sad that I haven't done it sooner. I just didn't know it would be allowed. After bible study, we headed to Fort Lewis Elementary. The entire way there I spoke to L&J about where we were going. I am not sure they fully understood, but once we arrived at the school, they were so excited and all smiles.
Jaxon and Lilah head into the school.
They both look like a bunch of big shots. Jax sporting his pink passie.
Lilah and Jax greet Tyson
So sweet...
Brotherly Love.
Kissies (a little too open mouth, lol!)
"Bro-Bro" bought Lilah and Jaxon an creamsicle with his own lunch money.
Mr. Cool!

Some of their lunch was left over, but not a drop of the creamsicles were.
Tyson was kind enough to snap a photo to show that mommy was the chaperone.
Tyson had to go back to class. Jax and Lilah were not comprehending this part. They wanted him to come back. This is Jax spying in the window of the classroom to grab his attention.
"Bro-Bro! Where are you?"
"Shew, I'm outta here!"
"Where we off to now Jax?"
Look at that little girl. She looks like Jennifer Lopez from behind, sporting her boots, jean jacket, big hair and hip lunch box.
It's hard to believe these two will be off to kindergarten in just 3 short years.
"Wow! That was so much fun!"