Monday, February 14, 2011


These scuttlebugs were given to us by Grandad and Grandnee for Christmas. I saw them in a catalog and I thought they would be a great idea to have sitting around indoors during the cold cold winter months. Scuttlebugs have a pedal-free design and are perfect for first-time riders, who just use their feet to make it go. Builds muscle, confidence and coordination.

Yes, the speed of Lilah and Jaxon, on this video, has been enhanced, but TRUST me, Jax especially is not too far off from honestly matching it. He's hilarious to watch. He went so fast yesterday he crashed into the wall and fell off. That's what got us thinking, we should record them in action.

Check'em out on line. IF you don't like pink or blue, amazon offers a ton more colors.

Thanks Grandad and Grandnee. AWESOME gifts.