Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rest, Relaxation, & Romance Is Heading Our Way!

Today, I booked a Couples Retreat Ritual for Darren and I while we are in the Bahamas. I am super excited to do this together. It will be so relaxing and very romantic, I think. Here's a sneak peak into how we will be pampered...

An indulgence just for two, the ritual begins with side by side massages in the deluxe spa villa where we will embark on a private journey together. We will relax in our generous soaking tub together containing fresh rose petals AND an additional 30 minutes of private time allows us to enjoy catered champagne and strawberries as well as lunch.

This might even be better than our wedding/honeymoon. We never even considered doing something like this 10 years ago. Next up, I want to book a super memorable excursion. Darren wants to snorkel. I want to scuba dive, BUT we are both afraid of being killed by a sea predator. YIKES!!!! God is sovereign though, so I am trying to remind myself that my day will end when it is supposed to end.