Monday, February 28, 2011

Lilah Shares EVERYTHING With Her "Baby's" Tag!

Our old neighbor and dear friend Donna Prillaman purchased Lilah and Jaxon a baby blanket, which was given to me at one of my baby showers. I had HIGH hopes of them carrying these blankets around and becoming attached to them. And then, low and behold it happened. Jax loves his blanket, but Lilah loves her blanket much more. Lilah's blanket has a silk bow on it and I am pretty sure without the silk bow, the blanket would would NOT be nearly as valuable to her. FYI, Jax's blanket had the silk bow too, but someone pulled it off... TY! Lately, Darren and I have noticed that she loves to share EVERYTHING with the silk bow that is attached to the blanket. It's honestly the cutest AND strangest thing I have ever witnessed any one of my children doing. I am fairly certain that Lilah hadn't started sharing things with her "baby" until recently. Let me explain....

One day, we were sitting up in her room and Darren happened to glance over at Lilah. She had her baby in one hand and she was moving the silk bow part on her foot. COINCIDENCE? We later found out, NO! No coincidence. She was literally sharing her silk bow with her foot. Darren said, "Kristin, look at Lilah!" When she noticed that we were in awe of what she was doing, she kind of got embarrassed and started to laugh. She does this daily, from time to time, but if you catch her, she laughs and stops almost immediately.
Last week, (this is the cutest story ever), I took the boys to get hair cuts. The kids are very accustomed to receiving a lollipop in exchange for a haircut. After the boys received their haircuts, the kids picked out their suckers, and we left. I loaded the kids in the car and happened to look in my rear view mirror to check on them. I noticed Lilah sharing her bright blue sucker with her silk bow. TOOOOO cute. Where the heck was my camera then? I snapped a shot with my cell phone camera, but seeing this in person was the ONLY real way to appreciate this cute moment.
And finally, on Darren's birthday, Lilah and daddy shared her silk bow. I caught her sharing it with her foot too, so I quickly grabbed my camera.
Oh and one thing I have to mention, when she holds the silk bow to her mouth, her lips pulsate as if she is sucking on a passie. Well, when she shares her silk bow with anything (ie. sucker, toe, daddy) her lips still pulsate, even though her mouth is not touching it. It's soooooooo darn cute.