Friday, January 21, 2011

Plyometrics With Tony Horton, Featuring Tyson Bolling

Tyson has a great role model in his daddy. Lately, he has really been into working out. It seems to be the hottest item on his agenda (maybe he should be grounded from the playstation more often). On Monday, Ty and I worked out together. While I ran on the treadmill, Tyson punched the punching bag over 200 times. I know this because as I ran, I had was forced to hear "101, 102, 103, 104" all the way to "200". He also used the Bowflex and did some very adorable push ups.

Today, when he got off the bus, he wanted to work out immediately. I said, "No, let's do your homework first and make lollipops next, then we will workout." He battled with me for a moment. This kid is strange. He'd rather workout than make lollipops. He lost interest in making the lollipops quickly. It was probably because his crazy mother yelled at him every time one of the sprinkles touched the floor. SORRY, okay! I just had the floors cleaned today. I like them to stay clean for at least ONE day.

The first photo below is where you have to "run around in circles". Do you recall that one? Tony Horton suggests using a towel to run around instead of a dumbbell to eliminate possible injury. Tyson used his sissy's blankie. I had to fight her off of him to capture this photo because she was NOT happy about her baby being used as a workout prop.
Instead, he asked if he could do a workout video, "like daddy does". HILARIOUS! For those of you who know of P90X, that's the dvd I popped in for him. And to make matters worse, I put in the hardest video in the routine...Plyometrics. Ty was a hoot! He had a blast doing it. Lilah even stepped in for a quick stab at it.