Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturated Saturday!

We had a great evening tonight, filled with a trip to Sam's, dinner out, and a visit to the mall - where the kids got to play. We headed home and went through the night time routine. PJs, brush teeth, etc... We didn't do baths because they had a shower with daddy earlier in the day. While Darren was brushing Lilah's teeth, he could tell that she had pooped. He went to change her and as he starts the process, he calls out, "Oh my gosh! Kristin, you have to come see this. I have no idea what to do." And neither did I. Immediately, I thought... definite BATH. But how will I get the onsie off of Lilah without getting the diarrhea all over her. And then the light bulb went off. "Darren, go get me some scissors." I used these heavy duty scissors to cut her onsie off of her. The rest is pretty much self explanatory. I will say that her diaper was SATURATED with diarrhea. at least 1 1/2 cups of it.
Remember, she's not wearing a button down shirt here, but rather a onsie. I had to cut it open so that I didn't get diarrhea all over her when taking the onsie off.
One funny note: Jax was witnessing this mess, pun intended, and he ran away. When he returned, he had a FULL box of wipes in his hands, as to say, "Here mommy! Looks like you might needs these."