About Us

Our family consists of (5) Bolling "pins".  
Our "team captain" is Darren aka daddy, the spiritual leader of our home.
The other "team players" are Tyson, Lilah, Jaxon, and myself, Kristin. 
We are a family who keeps our eyes focused on Christ.
He is our "Kingpin", our strength, our comforter, and our "messenger",
Revealing to us the way we are to "play the game" of life.  
We strive to walk in righteousness, keeping our minds out of the "gutter".  
Sometimes, we "strike out" because we are sinners,
But we know we are forgiven by the blood of Christ.  How reassuring! 
Life also throws us "curve balls", but we know the Lord uses those curve balls 
To draw us closer to Him.  It is Christ we lean on to get us through those trials.
When our game of life is over, we hope our “score” is read allowed, 
"Well done, my good and faithful [Bollings]."

Kristin Ann Bolling
I am a follower of Christ, a redeemed rebel, a wife to my high school sweet heart, a very busy mother of (2) dogs and (3) kids, which includes a set of twins, in addition to one of my newest roles, a LipBoss. I am an Independent Lipsense Distributor for SeneGence International. I have ranked multiple times within the company and I am currently ranked as a "Lady", a "Ruby" recruiter, and a "$ignificant $eller". I have a passion for creative gift giving and details. My favorite tagline is,"Every Little Thing Is A BIG Deal!'  I'm a wanna be photographer, obsessed with organizing and cleaning, enjoy crafting, and love to be challenged in the kitchen! I am an early riser. I desire to stay fit for both my mental and physical health, so I can profess that I make a practice out of healthy eating and working out, although I do splurge, especially during the holidays. I've also been known to throw a pretty impressive party. In the past, it was a small dream of mine to be a party planner, but only for celebrities because they'd be the only ones who could afford me, haha! Blogging is right up my alley. I love to update people about what's going on in the Bolling house. I am an over-sharer and very transparent.  My hope is that my blog will not only be an amazing digital scrapbook, for my family, but also a significant/helpful resource for those who wish to be organize and creative, but do NOT have time to reinvent the wheel. Welcome and thank you for reading our family blog! 
God Bless you!
Darren Willis Bolling
Darren, my "hubby"! This man... there's nothing bad to say about him. I began dating him, in high school, in 1992. That makes him my "high school sweetheart". He asked me to be his wife in 2000 and we "tied the knot" in 2001. Darren is a dedicated, faithful, and involved husband, parent, and business owner. He is also a follower of Christ and has the HUGE responsibility of leading our family to the cross. He has the most beautiful smile and he still gives me butterflies with his looks. He is also more giving that (10) people combined. He has the upmost integrity. Darren is also completely selfless, a team player, and a total go getter. He never, ever, ever sits still.  If I had to list some of his loves they would be working out, quality time with his "wifey", that's me, coffee, peanut butter, a good steak, football, basketball, HOKIES, playing his electric drums, and his most recent obsession, (well in the last three years) firearms! I love that he collects them and educates himself about how to use them. Our family is blessed to have him to protect us. Darren is my stability, my lifeline, my lover, and my best friend. As cliche as this may sound, "HE COMPLETES ME!" He LOVES coaching our children and is never not there for them. If I could change ONE thing about him currently, it would be that he would relax, sit still, and enjoy life a little more, but then that would mean I would have to do the same thing. Pot/Kettle.  He has wisdom beyond his years. He is humble and kind. I have learned a great deal from him. My life has improved greatly, both personally and professionally, because of his advice, which I so greatly respect. If you've met him, he's made you laugh. The humor is unending. He is talented with a video camera and in the music world. AND it's all self taught too. He should have been a college athlete. He has more energy that any human I know.  I cannot wait to grow old with him! 
~Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Tyson Willis Bolling
Tyson, otherwise known as “Ty”.  Born May 11, 2005. This is the boy that made me a mama! My firstborn! The one I get to experience all of my FIRST parenthood joys and some hardships with. He is essentially my guinea pig. Ty just recently arrived onto the scene of teenage life, where he is beginning to see what real life looks like, from a future adult’s standpoint: as he experiences challenges, trials, responsibilities, celebrations, relationships, and juggles topics like priorities, hygiene, and time management skills. Ty has a very intense schedule throughout the school year. He was assigned to all pre-ap classes in middle school. Smarty!  When he is not learning, you can probably find him at one of his extra-curricular activities. His favorite and biggest LOVE is basketball, but he also plays football. When he is NOT on the court, physically playing, he spends endless hours in his man cave” bedroom playing 2K19, with his best buds.  One of my favorite things about Ty lately are the random hugs that he gives me daily. You'd never know he has a mushy side. I also love his smile, when he smiles. The teenage stage is difficult because I want to give Ty his space, straying from suffocating, coddling, and enabling him, all while still desiring to be his mommy, by coming to his defense, helping him with certain tasks, and styling him: clothing and hair. LOL! And speaking of hair, we are allowing Ty to make some of his own decisions, for instance, he has chosen to grow out his hair. He's got a fabulous head of hair, but right now, it is pretty out of control. We believe it’s important not to control his every move, especially decisions that have no eternal value, but instead, encourage him to be a little independent. As a teenager, he comes across as quiet, solemn, and detached, but deep down inside I know that he is a really special human. If I could change ONE thing about him currently, it would be his one word answers. I'd love to have deeper conversations with him. His gut wrenching laughter has my heart, but I only get to hear this laughter when he is engaging with his friends through his headset, on playstation. My deepest prayer for him is that he comes to faith in Jesus Christ and desires a life of obedience! 
Psalm 37:4-6

Lilah Ann Bolling
Born on March 25, 2009. Lilah is my second born and a twin to her brother, Jax. My ONLY daughter. I have always dreamed of having a little girl. After all, how could I NOT have a little mini me?! My girl is filled with so much talent, spunk, pizzaz, and beauty, a la mode some attitude. I am extremely overjoyed by her abilities and well roundedness. Lilah is currently a competitive dancer, a cheerleader, a thespian, and a "baller". She certainly has some big shoes to fill when it comes to basketball, but she is learning from the best (her brothers). It's hard to envision which activity she will end up committing to full time, once she enters into middle school. I'm still holding on to hope that she can do them all. Lilah is also currently in the gifted program at her school. This year in particular, she has been challenged with some difficult relationships. It has grown her immensely. It has also taught her self-control, self-respect, and even left her with some upsetting consequences. Her favorite past times are creating adorable musically.s TikTok videos and slime. You can view her videos, on TikTok at bollingwithlilah. I have been known to say that Lilah is my "hardest happiness". Let's face it, it's the classic case of me fighting me. We really are a lot alike in so many ways. She is well loved by her peers and teachers. Her principal told me just this year that she is a definite leader. That is a weighty compliment because you can be a good leader or a bad leader. My hope is that if she is ever remembered for ANYTHING in life, I want her to be remembered by her ability to treat EVERYONE with kindness. If I could change ONE thing about her currently, it would be for her to be softer in her responses. I explain to her all of the time, "It's not what you say, but how you say it!' I love that she's strong and confident, rather than weak and insecure. Oh the places she will go!!! My deepest prayer for her is that she appreciates the blessings she has in both her earthly father and Heavenly Father and thinks about what would be acceptable to them before making decisions. I want her to love Jesus so much that she turns away from any sin that will lead others away from the cross. I want Jesus to save her!
1 Peter 3:3-4

Jaxon Reid Bolling
Born on March 25, 2009. My Jaxon, otherwise known as "Jax", he is my last born (the "baby") and also a twin to his sister, Lilah. We came close to losing him when I gave birth. I didn't know it at the time, but Lilah and Jax were 17 minutes apart. That's not supposed to happen. Jax is by far the sweetest kid that we have. Although he is a twin, he is definitely his own person and quite frankly, there is a strong contrast between the two of them. Jax is sensitive, helpful, appreciative, funny, crazy smart, and CLEAN! When it comes to his LOVES he is a small replication of his BIG brother. He enjoys basketball immensely and is currently on (2) basketball teams: (1) rec team and (1) AAU travel team. He also plays football. Unfortunately, he is a lover of Fort Nite and that captures his every thought outside of school and sports. Jax seems to have a photographic memory and also appears to be a self-taught artist. I am always so impressed by his artwork. This kid is a total goofball. He comes up with the funniest comments, inside jokes, and also has a tendency to laugh at his own jokes, which sometimes aren't even funny. He has the stinkiest feet known to man. Haha. When we ask him to wash them, he says, "There's no point! I am just going to put them back into my shoes, which are the reason my feet stink!" He hates sleeping in his room because he's fearful his bed will not get made the next day. Duh, your mom is a clean freak.  Maybe that's just an excuse to sleep with his sister and he's too bashful to admit he doesn't want to sleep alone. He LOVES so hard. The cutest thing he does lately is he constantly tells Darren and I that he loves us. I mean NON-STOP and out of no where. "Hey Mom? I love you!"  I won't be giving this kid up to just any girl. She will have to be amazing and deserving. If I could change ONE thing about him, it would be his explosive temperament. It doesn't happen often. He's kind of like his daddy. He's patient as patient can be, but once his buttons are pushed, WATCH OUT.  Jax is the kind of human that worries about other people's feelings and would give you the shirt off of his back if he had to. He recently told me that his biggest fears are spiders and getting into a car accident. My prayer for him is that he will profess Jesus as his Lord and Savior! And that his life will reflect his profession! 
~Matthew 6:33-34

Sadie & Simon Bolling (Family Fur Kids)
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