Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hell Is A Real Place!

It's True!
Heaven is a place that people so openly speak about because it’s paradise, it’s admirable, it’s positive, and it’s filled with feelings of peace, joy, and comfort. It’s socially acceptable to talk about it because it’s good. However, you rarely hear people speak openly about Hell because it’s the complete opposite of Heaven. Did you know that in scripture, Jesus spoke more about Hell than he did about Heaven? He was trying to warn people. For some reason, telling someone they will go to Hell is offensive. As a believer, I have personally witnessed and even been persecuted for speaking about Hell. BUT the truth is, when a Christian is speaking about Hell and trying to express the finality of eternal life in Hell, they are actually being LOVING. They are trying to warn you. IF you were in a burning house and you didn’t know it, would you think it was offensive if I warned you to get out? It’s the same type of warning when speaking about hell. It’s a matter of life or death. It’s also a commandment to share Jesus with others, so believers are being obedient when speaking openly about Jesus and warning others about the consequences of not knowing Him. You see, there IS a bridge that is offered to us, as sinners, that we can walk across, which leads us to God. But there is NOT a bridge that can remove us from Hell once we are there. We are NOT promised tomorrow. We must heed these warnings immediately. Do you know Him? Have you surrendered your life to Jesus, the Savior of the world? If not, talk to me. I will be help you understand know Him! 

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