Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Thing 1 and Thing 2 - What's Inside The Box!?

WE ARE BACK from our glorious trip.  It was AMAZING and just the perfect amount of time.  I think another day longer and we would have just hung out by the pool, at our resort. (3)-12 hour days of walking parks is enough to make your big toes bruise. LITERALLY, haha. We finished EVERYTHING that interested us!!! So we can officially say, we left our mark at both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. NOW, I will spend the next week blogging ALL OF THE DETAILS about the trip reveal and the actual trip.  The question that has everyone curious is, what was inside those Thing 1 and Thing 2 boxes that were used as decorations for the twins' trip reveal?

I purchased two boxes from Lowes Home Improvement.  I wanted the boxes to be the same size and presentable.  Each box was $3.49 each.  
I wanted the Thing 1 and Thing 2 boxes to color coordinate with the "Oh The Places You'll Go" poster and balloon colors.  From the begging, Lilah was always identified by the color pink. I deiced her box would be pink. Jax was always identified by blue.  So, Jax's box was blue.  The Thing1 and Thing 2 hair and logo was purchased in the Dollar Spot at Target during Dr. Suess' Birthday!!!!
Inside of the box, I had a pink balloon for Lilah's box and blue balloon for Jax's box taped to the bottom.  When they opened up the box, it was kind of like a gender reveal box where the balloon popped out. 
The box contained several items. One of the items was a neck pillow for the plane ride!
Second, a cork board box that I found NOT one of but TWO of, at TJ Maxx.  I was super excited because this was exactly what I envisioned in my planning process. I wanted a map where I could place a small pink and blue pin onto the state of Florida.  It's like God just dropped what I needed, when I needed it, wherever I was.
I bought an entire pack of white pins from Michaels, in the sewing section.  They had colored ones, but I didn't like the color of the blue pin. My plan was to paint the push pins the color I desired, but last week, I had to have a dress hemmed and I asked the seamstress if I could have a blue and pink pin.  Hehe. She generously shared.
The box had several gifts inside.  Each gift was layered in between krinkle paper. Pink for Lilah and blue for Jax. Each received a party headband to wear on the airplane and all around the parks at BOTH Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure.  
Above: Jax's
Below: Lilah's
Each kiddo received $100.00 gift card to spend in the parks!  I had a hard time finding these locally, but I did wind up finding them at Kroger.  You can also purchase them online here.  
His and Her Birthday Tees.
They both received a birthday sash and a birthday t-shirt. The front of the birthday shirt was my absolute FAVORITE.  Lilah's said, "It's His Birthday" and Jax's said, "It's Her Birthday".  It's just the perfect shirt for twins.  The shirts came from Etsy.  The shop is called Magical Memories
The back of their t-shirts had their names and their NEW age, 10. I did NOT realize this until someone mentioned it after posting photo of the twins' sporting their tshirts, but Lilah's name was spelled wrong. This is where you [insert] the SMH emoji. NOT because the ETSY shop owner made a mistake (it happens, we are human), but because I had looked at these shirts 100 times and NEVER realized it. It's INSANE to me because one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people spell other people's names wrong. The ETSY shop owner has since refunded me and sent me a correct shirt. I certainly did NOT expect a refund.  I just wanted the shirt to be fixed.
 I just love everything about the way all of this turned out. It screams birthday and it screams 10 and it screams Universal Studios aka SURPRISE! I know this is a birthday that my twins will never forget.

Haha.  I rewatched this video and as you can see, I am not a fan of making messes, so I had to shut the camera off to help them open the box with all of the krinkle paper inside. I was taking photos and video recording at the same time, hence the reason things are a little shaky. 

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