Monday, January 14, 2019

LipSense Is....

LipSense is: KissProof, SweatProof, BudgeProof, SmudgeProof, WaterProof, AND Snowball Eating Proof! Nothing beats LipSense. NOTHING!
After posting the above video, to both my Instagram and Facebook accounts, my company SeneGence asked if they could share it on their facebook page.  AH, DUH! I mean, that request was ALOMST as amazing as it would be if I won the Billboard video submission contest in New York City's Time Square. The repost from SeneGence created over 12,300 views and over 235 likes. That's pretty dang exciting if you ask me!!!! Perfect advertisement for LovelyLips, for anyone who doesn't have a LipSense Distributor.

Whoop, Whoop! #LipBossGoals

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