Saturday, April 21, 2018


My ONE year anniversary with SeneGence, a.k.a. a SeneVersary has arrived.  I have LOVED this role immensely. I do NOT want my Sene-Versary to come and go WITHOUT celebrating those who have helped my business to be successful?? No Way!!!! CALLING ALL PAYING CUSTOMERS... You will NOT want to miss this GIVEAWAY. I am giving away a BEAUTIFUL basket of carefully selected and chosen gifts from various stores both locally and in all of the states I have recently travelled to. This basket will be raffled off to ONE LUCKY CUSTOMER on May 1, 2018. That means... if you are NOT yet a paying customer, there is STILL TIME to make a purchase. The basket’s retail value is well over $100.00. Throughout the next few weeks, there will be MANY WAYS to gain multiple entries into the raffle. The FIRST raffle entry was on April 19, 2018 and was announced on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, BUT you can still go to those accounts and complete your tasks! You must like this post and SEND me your birthdate, either privately or publicly, to gain your first entry. Pay attention to detail… because both tasks must be done to win one entry today. Good Luck!!! 

On April 20, 2019, there was another way to earn multiple raffle tickets, up to 5.  What?!?!?!  There is STILL time to participate in earning these raffle tickets too. Here's how.  Go to my LovelyLips_By_BollingWith5 Instagram Account or find me on Facebook and LIKE the post that has a photo of this MAP

1. Like The Post
2. Share The Post
3. Refer A Customer, In A State, That I Have Yet To Gain. 
4. Make Me A Sale, In A State, I Have Yet To Gain. 
5. If ALL 4 of the tasks above are completed... you will receive 5 ENTRIES into the raffle. 
OTHERWISE... you only receive ONE ENTRY per task.

IF you live in a state that I have yet to be blessed to put a pair of lips on AND YOU make a purchase, YOU RECEIVE 5 ENTRIES, AUTOMATICALLY. BEST OF LUCK!! . 

*AGAIN: in order to be eligible to win this amazing gift basket... you must be a paying customer of mine. That means... you have placed an order and paid for it in full. *

I will NOT be posting each way to earn an entry on this blog... I just wanted to inform my blog followers about this contest, but from here on out, please check my social media accounts to see how to earn an entry each day!

On another NOTE: I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to make... I was just awarded a very coveted title within my company. I am OFFICIALLY recognized as a “Significant SeneSeller” or $$$ Distributor!! This title is NOT easily earned. This titled is granted to SeneGence distributors WHO CONSISTENTLY sell both SeneGence cosmetics and skincare, MONTH AFTER MONTH, for a cumulative YEAR, SELLING a MINIMUM of $750.00 or GREATER, every month!!! This title earns me the FOLLOWING benefits: 1. I will receive every single, newly launched item for FREE. That means so far, I am receiving both the facial wipes and hydrating Serum Facial Mist for FREE (a value of $60.00). I receive FRONT OF THE LINE SHIPPING a.k.a. expedited shipping. I am invited to participate in SeneGence focused groups for new programs and product development. I receive a special monthly recognition. AND I am recognized on an exclusive photo wall at SeneGence headquarters. In my humble opinion, this is ONE OF THE BIGGEST honors. Thank you in advanced for rejoicing with me. 

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