Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Apples For Teachers ~ Valentine's Day 2014

Gotta love those "GALS" (bus driver and teachers) on Valentine's Day! So what did we give those beloved humans?
First up, a trip to Fruitions a.k.a. Elderberry's.  The gift certificate covers a gourmet sandwich wrap and an ultimate smoothie.  
Notice the cute lips attach to the straw, so when they drink it, their lipstick will be perfect.  Ahem... maybe it's time they use their lipsense gift certificates I gave them to buy the best lip color ever.  Also, aren't the details on the cups adorbs? "Be Mine, Hugs & Kisses, I Love You Berry Much!"
I also included some cozy, heart-shaped socks because they "knock our socks off" all  year long.
Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Hearts (Pink & Ivory).  
Simple, sweet, and practical!!!!
 Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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