Monday, October 23, 2017

Miranda Sings Look-A-Like

Every single year, we try our best to come up with UNIQUE Halloween Costumes. This year, Lilah wanted to dress up like the famous youtuber Miranda Sings. It was a pretty easy costume. I bought these darling, red pants at Children's Place and the baby blue, pinstriped shirt at H&M. She already had the shoes.  AND OF COURSE, we needed red lipstick, red nail polish, bobby pins, and black hairspray.
We used white stickers, purchased from Michael's Crafts, to create Miranda's well known pants that scream, "Haters Back Off".  
Then, Lilah did what she does BEST... act.
She's watches her show ENOUGH to be able to mimic both Miranda's mannerisms and silly speech impediment.  
We just cracked up during the entire photo shoot.
I used this costume as an opportunity to create some funny memes for my LipSense business.
Enjoy a short video clip of the Miranda Sings look-a-like.

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