Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Myrtle Beach ~ Day #7

Just another day at the pool and beach!
 WHAT? Are my kids actually interacting QUIETLY, engaged, and happy?
 This was BY FAR MY FAVORITE color combination to DATE! Just unique and fun.
 I'm also pretty obsessed with my Liley's hairstyle. She sorta looks like Princess Leia AND I LOVE IT.
Twice blessed.
This kid is getting BIG! I blinked and he went from a sixe 8/10 to a size 14/16.
I am also pretty addicted to Lilah's freckles.  You don't see them that often, anymore, and I think it makes her unique looking.
My trio.
I can't recall where we went to dinner, but Darren and I did take the kids putt-putt golf this night.  
Most families make this a beach tradition, but we do not.  I guess putt-putt is fun to kids, but Darren and I find golf beyond BORING.  I would truly rather watch the grass grow.    
Darren has been wanting a jeep, so we joked and said, "We finally took the plunge!" Haha.  What better place to cruise around in a Jeep Wrangler!

If I am NOT mistaken, Daren won the round of golf.  If we didn't hear it 100 times, we didn't hear it ONCE, "There's a whole lot of pizza left in that box!" AFTER EVERY SINGLE STROKE I TOOK. Darren hates to lose and he has all kinds of scare tactics and distraction techniques.  LOL! If he wins, I usually just say, "I let you win!" Oh man... that really gets him going.  LOL!

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