Friday, September 8, 2017

Kissable Cupcakes!

When you are a LipBoss, you are CONSTANTLY on the hunt for LIPS and LIPSTICK items.  So, when I spotted these DARLING lip embellishments on SALE/clearance, at Michaels Store, I went a little nutso.  I knew exactly what I would do with them.  I WOULD... raffle off my gourmet cupcakes to all of my followers on Instagram.  It's a great way to grab your followers' attention.  Besides, I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to bake.

The cake part is strawberry flavored.
They are all filled with my famous french vanilla fill.  The frosting is a homemade, PINK, cream cheese, butter cream frosting. I can feel my thighs getting larger and larger just from the smell .  
Ashely absolutely LOVES my cupcakes, so I was so happy that she won, BUT I was SHOCKED because she had one two raffles prior to this one.  I think Riffle Raffle LOVES Ashely as much as I do.  Haha.    

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