Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Myrtle Beach Day 4 ~ Spring Break 2017

On our last and final day, my hubby offered to take the kids to the pool while I explored Myrtle Beach's Hobby Lobby! Oh man... I put a major dent in our checking account there.  I spent well over $350 between decorations for Jax's new sports room, Mrs. Green's baby shower, and this amazing and ever so cool letter board by Heidi Swapp, which is WHY I set out to go to Hobby Lobby.  It's QUITE prices, but it's just too cool not to have for someone like me.  ABOVE: I made my favorite hashtag that I wish I could trademark, "Every little thing is a BIG deal!" If you look it up on Instagram, I am the ONLY person who has used it minus ONE post.  
I bought EVERYTHING that Hobby Lobby offered. I cannot wait to get more.  
I picked up Mission BBQ AND starbucks and met my family at the pool afterwards.
Later, we dressed up and headed to do a little unique shopping at World Market and then we stopped in Toys R Us to buy a laser tag gun kit that Jax saw on a commercial and wanted.  FYI, reason #3,201,564 WHY NOT having cable is wise.  We don't have cable at home, but we do have it at the beach.  I forget how enticing those commercials are.  LOL!  Jax had a gift card, so he chose to spend it on this item.
Our view at dinner was simply beautiful.  
We began our trip with a sunrise and we ended our trip with a sunset.  
I love seeing God's creation in action.
After we finished shopping, we went to Barefoot's Landing to eat.  Then we walked the shops.  
When we were through, we came home.  I packed up our suitcases and Darren snuggled with Liley playing a good 45 minutes of hangman on her boogie board.
The next morning, I woke quietly to clean our condo and snapped the below photo.  Too cute and funny! They sleep so good at the beach.  Don't we all.
On the way home, I grocery shopped from the front seat of my vehicle, while Darren drove.  I was ready to face MONDAY!
It's also a total joy to get away with the family.  We are so blessed to have a beach condo to call our own.  It's a gift and is cherished by every single one of us.

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