Monday, April 24, 2017

Lip Boss!!!

Well, I took the plunge.  I am officially a SeneGence Independent Distributor!! I have been wearing lipsense since February. I received it as a gift from one of my social media BFFs, Danielle Henson. It's basically the only lipstick that I want to wear and after wearing it for several months, I decided I wanted to sell it.  My motto is, "I sell it because I love it! I don't love it because I sell it!"  Danielle is actually my upline "boss" and I couldn't be more proud to work under her.

Darren knew I was dabbling with the idea of selling it, so for Easter he treated me to the distributor kit.  I am blessed to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I do not need a job or the money, but I believe this product has so much value that I have added this to my "resume" and I pray this new venture is a success. I believe it will be.  ALL I really have to do is convince a lipstick-loving woman to test it out and the product sells itself.
Senegence International sells a wonderful line of products: from skin care, to sunscreen, to eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip balm. lip gloss, lipstick, blush, body cream and so much more.  I do desire to eventually learn about all of their prouducts (I am actually studying the company and it's catalog currently), but for now I am truly obsessed with LIPSENSE.  

What is lipsense?  Lipsense is the premier product of SeneGence.  It's a long lasting lip color that stays on for up to 18 hours. It's unlike any conventional lipstick, stain, or color.  As the original, patented, waterproof, does not kiss-off-, smear-off or budge off.  

It's formulated by a Peony Root Extract, St. John's Wort Extract, and Linden Flower Extract. Peony is a natural calming flower herb.  St. John's Wort is a natural lab with antibacterial and skin healing properties.  Linden Flower is a powerful anti-oxidant. 

Other cool facts about Lipsense:
  • It acts as a mechanical barrier from the sun.  
  • Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Not Tested On Animals
  • Free Of Carcinogens
  • Lasts 4-18 Hours.
  • (1) Tube Is Equivalent to 4 Regular Sticks of Lipstick
  • It Moisturizes: Healing Cracked Lips
  • FDA Approved
  • No Lead
  • No Wax
  • Currently, Lipsense Comes in 36 Colors (We used to have 70+ colors, but it was overwhelming for customers to CHOOSE a color.  The company has narrowed it town to their 36 TOP selling colors (for now).  
My favorite part about the lipstick is that is kiss-proof and smudge proof.  I can drink coffee all day and my lipstick stays OFF of my cup! I can snuggle my children and my lipstick doesn't come off.  I can kiss my hubby immediately after applying lipsense without the annoyance of having to reapply.  I can brush my teeth, eat, sleep, shower, and swim and there is no fear of my lipstick coming off.  
I have several colors in stock and just a few glosses, but I promise I will be placing a crazy LARGE order soon.  The company has sold MORE product in the first 4 months of 2017 than they sold in all of 2016, so we are at a small bump in the road... meaning, our company has a shortage of colors aka #OutOFStock.  It's ONLY temporary and that just means it's selling rapidly and is a great product in VERY HIGH DEMAND.  SO, be patient.  Good things come to those who wait.  In the meantime, come buy from the stash I have OR test it out.

If you would like to join in this venture with me, I would LOVE for you to sign up under me, as your sponsor.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions and find out more details. This is the heart of the SeneGence career opportunity, women helping women build strong organizations and to be rewarded for their successes.
Just call me the boss... LIP BOSS!

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