Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 was pretty eventful!!!
Typically, over the last three years especially, we haven't had a very consistent agenda.  Each year has looked slightly different as to WHO we eat with AND WHAT we eat. However, we have definitely maintained two traditions. 1) Thanksgiving Breakfast and 2) The Drumstick Dash! Above, you can see our breakfast.  
The kids love the jumbo muffins.
And I usually do fluffy, scrambled eggs...
Fresh fruit (this year it was just bananas) and applewood Bacon...
This year, I also added mimosas.  I love that the kids anticipate this simple, yet memorable breakfast.
I even had a small feast for our favorite fur kids. I love our local pet store and the "tail bangers" they offer.
After breakfast, we got all decked out in our Drumstick Dash T-shirts.  I always love these shirts. This year's shirt was designed/colored by a 5 year old little girl named Lyla.   
Even the dogs received a little dash gear to wear.
We have really enjoyed this tradition over the years.  This was our 3rd annual drumstick dash. We don't care about running and passing the finish line in some sort of world record. Honestly, we are just happy to do this as a family.  We are also glad that this race is more about others, thank others.  We love the fact that we are "moving our feet so others can eat!"
Why do I look so tired? Could it be the 4:00 a.m. wake time?
Sadie and Simon were all decked out in their "dash" gear. We also bought Simon a puffer vest because they weather forecast was calling for rain.  Thankfully, the weather was PERFECT.
We followed many of our church members to the Roanoke Higher Education Center.  It was nice to meet up with them and fellowship for a few minutes before everyone pretty much parted ways.
"On your marks! Get set! GO!!!!!!!!!!"
I tried to capture Lilah, at least, at every mile.  The boys were NOT interested in pausing for photos.
Along the way, I captured some pretty buildings that downtown Roanoke is known for!
Check out the bridge of walkers!
We crossed the finish line 14 minutes sooner than last year.  Again, we are NOT focused on any time frame.  We are simply doing this to fulfill our tradition and to help those in need.
Lilah got a picture with the famous turkey man aka Kevin! He was so sweet. He thanked her over and over for being such a helper to the needy.
We came home and ate AGAIN. LOL! We reheated and ate the same breakfast from earlier that morning.  It was that yummy.  We also watched the Macy's Day Parade.  
We also watched a little bit of the dog show.  We cheered on the Rhodesian Ridgeback who won 3rd place in the hound family.  
This handsome man went up to shower and then came downstairs and said, "Well, I'm ready for Thanksgiving!"  Darren and I busted out laughing and simultaneously said, "All dressed up and no where to go!" It was so cute, but I was a tad bummed that he was looking so handsome.  I was relieved I could just be comfy.  I wound up NEVER changing and matched the rest of my family. Darren was the only fancy, smancy one.  
Our Thanksgiving feast consisted of garlic and herbed roast beef, dressing stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, candied yams, green beans casserole, and cranberry sauce.  
After dinner, of course comes dessert, right?!?!
Dessert was made by my mini me and I.  
We made a homemade tiramisu.  MY FAVORITE!
And we turned a store bought pumpkin pie, from Sam's Club, into cute little individual sized pies. 
Tyson, especially, was so excited about the pumpkin pie. I seriously think the twins just ate the candy pumpkin and cool whip (insert emoji rolling eyes here.).
After dinner/dessert, we went out just for fun, to see what all the shopping hype was like! It was insanity.  We went to both Target and Best Buy.  The line in Target was backed up all the way to the produce department. We didn't buy a thing.   
It was a wonderful day, FILLED with loads of special and important things to do. Sometimes I regret not having 100 places to go and people to see, but after being together, as a family of 5, it was really peaceful, relaxing, and stress-free, which is nice. I think our kids will look back on their childhood Thanksgiving and LOVE all of the memories and traditions we made/had together. There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Christ, family, church, fur kids, friends, laughter, food, health, joy, Donald Trump (haha), rest, loyalty, trust and so much more...


  1. Wonderful memories for your family! I plan to try out the twist on pumpkin pie next year- great idea.

    1. Thank you so much! Whoever you are, haha!!! Definitely try the pumpkin pie twist. It's fun and different and the presentation is so much prettier.


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