Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sadie Girl Gets A Boo Boo!

A few weeks ago, maybe 3 to be exact, I noticed a spot of blood on Sadie's dog bed.  At first, I thought it was strawberry juice. Typically, she takes food out of the trash can and brings it outside, if the door is open, OR she brings it to her dog bed.  After I cleaned up the strawberry juice blood, a little while later, it reappeared.  I called her name and she didn't come.  I offered her a treat, her favorite... peanut butter, and she didn't come.  I went to find her and she was on Tyson's bed, hiding, and licking a deep, bleeding wound.  I was terrified.  What in the world happened? I could tell it was really bothering her.  It was really gross to be able to see inside your dog's body.
I rushed her to a vet, not her vet, on main street.  They said it looked like a puncture wound of some sort.  I am still unsure HOW this happened.  THE ONLY evidence of something in our yard that could have done this was a metal, marshmallow roasting stick.  Fortunately, we live in a safe neighborhood and I believe we are loved by our neighbors or I would think it was some sort of BB pellet or bullet.  
The vet prescribed a pain medication and an antibiotic.  I had to borrow a "cone of shame" because Sadie was continually licking the wound and making it larger.
I couldn't see past the deep depression that she was going into from that stupid looking thing, so I chose to use over sized shirts and football jerseys instead.  Go Hokies!
All this time, Simon stuck right by his sister, supporting her in her pain.  
It took a full 3 weeks for the hole to close up, but she is ALL better now.  
Above, is a video of Sadie, at the vet, licking her wound.  You can tell she's in pain.  I read, on google, that a dog's tongue is actually like a natural antiseptic, but she was licking it with such force and consistency that it was making the hole larger.  As often as I could, I would try to distract her and get her to stop.  Below, just three days after the wound was found, Sadie and Simon are playing RUFF.  LOL! Dogs and kids are so resilient.  

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