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Gallows Dead Hallow Oak!

What do you do after picking your mom/grandmother up from the airport, after NOT seeing her for almost 6 months? WELL... you take her to a creepy haunt.  My dear husband suggested we do something fun, especially since Gram arrived an entire 24 hours LATE due to mechanical problems with her airplane. Everyone was disappointed and frustrated and THIS HAUNT was a great way to relief any of those raw emotions.  LOL! Plus, it was ONE WEEK before Halloween and we wanted to join in on some of the scarier festivities  Hehe.  
Our family had NEVER been to a haunt before, not even this one, which was about 30  minutes from our home.  Gallows Dead Oak Hallow is known as Virginia's most terrifying haunt. It is located within 15-30 minutes of Blacksburg (Virginia Tech), Roanoke, and Redford University.  The drive from the Roanoke airport was simply gorgeous. Gallows is situated in the country life.  Check out the gorgeous views I captured. They were absolutely breathtaking, but sadly my iPhone and a moving vehicle don't allow me the capture the true beauty.  

When we arrived, 30 minutes before the first viewing, I was amazed at the crowds already.  This place is so popular.  We were invited to watch a pre-show and walk around.  They had a kettle corn booth, a zombie video game booth, a art booth, and a few others things.  We chose to watch the pre-show, WHICH I happened to be invited up on stage for a haunted beauty contest AND WON! Ahahahaha.  I won a soap opera digest and a kitty kat t-shirt, strange!
Gallows Legend has it that...
"As you walk through our attraction know you’re walking on the very ground the Woodson Massacre took place nearly 40 years ago. The scenes you’ll see are real and tell a true story – a story of massacre, bludgeon, and atrocity; The Woodson family had called the mountains of Virginia home for years, 13 of them,led by their father Otis and their mother Bernice you couldn’t find a family closer to one another – isolating themselves from society – No one knew if they actually existed, only myths passed down of rituals and bloodshed. The occasional hunter not coming home for dinner or the group of girls who wandered too far out into the woods. The locals knew the hills could talk, they just couldn’t quite understand what they were saying.
As the population of rural Appalachia grew, the Woodson’s family’s grounds got smaller and smaller, and their secrets closer to being exposed. In 1978, Otis passed, and the family had enough. Evidence from the crime scene tells us that anyone who unknowingly stepped foot on their ground was slaughtered. They used their victims for rituals to bring back family members since passed, for food, and their own pleasure Some victims were made to tie their own noose – all marked the same way a “X” on the forehead. Legends passed on since have named their home Gallows because no one ever made it out alive.
September 15, 1979 the Woodson family was lost in the hail of gunfire. Brought down by the full force of the Montgomery County Sheriffs department, and a slew of torn apart families. 17 citizens and 9 sheriffs deputies were shot and killed that day. Only 8 of the 12 remaining family’s bodies were found – 4 are said to be missing to this day.
For over 30 years things have been peaceful in the hills of Virginia, until now. Using the same rituals taught to them by their father, Persian, Bink, Lucian and Goldie have resurrected their family and brought them back to Gallows – to seek revenge and spill the blood of any foolish person who dare come to close.
During the pre-show we watched the man behind the clown insert a sword (FULLY) down his throat (twice) and walk on glass.  Then, we watched a girl dance with fire.  
I guess the Dead Hallow employees are voting for Hillary!
While watching the pre-show pretty intently, a zombie decided to sneak up on me and stand directly next to me. He/she EVEN put his/her hand on Jax's head, but Jax thought it was his daddy, so he didn't even move.  Darren told me to look next to me and I almost died.  Haha.  I am not a scaredy cat, but I was NOT expecting that.  
My kids WERE incredibly entertained.  Not scared ONE bit and I am still shocked that we have NOT had any late night visitors sleeping with us.  I've always said, "With my kids, the gorier the better!" BUT in all honesty, I do NOT suggest taking your children if they cannot handle ANYTHING remotely scary (ie. a creepy display at a Halloween store).  
After the pre-show, we were about to enter the haunt.  Not knowing what to expect, Lilah asked Darren if she could be carried the entire time . He carried her MOST of the way.
NO videography or photography was allowed AT ALL in the haunt.  I was of course bummed, but I totally understand why. Before entering, we were given some rules and guidelines, but were not informed about what we were to going to see.  We had no idea what to expect.  We were told that "IF at any point we could NOT handle the haunt, we could use scream "Kill Me NOW!" and security would find us and escort us out.  Nice, right?
The final requirement, before entering, was to receive an "X" of cold blood on our forehead.  The blood was not real, but it did feel so gross and so real.  
In the haunt we go! The few photos below were taken off of Gallows website and are actual examples of what we were all a witness to.  Remember, these are STILL photos.  These people talk to you, chase you, touch you, scream at you, threaten you, etc. etc. etc. They don't just stand there.
The haunt starts off in a real corn maze where people jump out at you.  It keeps you in such suspense. Gram and daddy mostly led the way.  If I saw a shadow of someone about to jump out, I made someone else go in front of me. There was a guy dressed up like a creeper, bleeing pumpkin face and he kept on saying, "If I stop picking this, maybe it will heal!" To be honest, I was laughing so hard most of the time, from everyone's reactions.  Then, you hop on a parked bus, filled with black lights blinking everywhere, so the walk through isn't smooth or easy.  You are greeted by a wacko who jumps from seat to seat, as you walk the aisle. He screams all kinds of threatening and creepy things at you. Next up, the haunted house which has well over 40-50 different horrific, blood bashing, psychotic screaming, creepy, odd, abusive scenes you would expect to see in a real horror movie.  It's LOUD, dark, smokey, it contains odd smells, misty, etc.  In some of the rooms, you were sprayed you with water to give you the real effect, making you feel like you were actually experiencing what they were acting out and/or what you were witnessing. The final room is a black, dark room.  When you enter, they make you cover your entire FACE with a mask.  They don't warn you about what you are about to experience.  YOU CANNOT SEE AN OUNCE OF LIGHT.  We all had to hold hands because we truly couldn't see ONE THING and were afraid of losing each other.  At one point, we felt like we were being suffocated by airbags or bounce houses (that's the only way I know how to really explain what it felt like). Darren said, "I think we took a wrong turn!" Once he put that in my head, I was 100% about to scream "Kill me now!" Again, I am not a wimp nor am I claustrophobic, but I sure did feel BOTH at that time. You just feel such a loss of control when your eyes see nothing and you have no idea how long you will be in this position.  
We survived! Haha.  I looked rough. My kids were amazing.  They should have walked out terrified for the rest of their childhood, but Lilah walked out and said, "That wasn't even scary!"  LOL! Trust me, it was the best haunted house I have ever been too and was definitely SCARY, but we all went in their with the mindset that these are ACTORS and ACTRESSES playing the role WELL! Darren even taunted the actors/actresses.  Haha.

On the way out, we talk about this being, even in the SLIGHTEST, like HELL! I said, "I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because I would hate to live an eternity in a situation even remotely close to this experience."
FYI ~ The admission cost to get into gallows is $15 PER PERSON + $5 for parking, but if you have never experience this haunt before, it is WELL WORTH IT! From start to finish, I think the hunt took approximately 40 minutes to go through.

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