Friday, September 23, 2016

Football Conditioning / Tire Drag

Football season is halfway over and my boys know where they stand on their team.  We are brutally honest with our kids, IF they ask OR if they need to be set back to reality, but truthfully, my kids very much desire to be "the best", so it KILLS them if they don't make a single tackle during a game, if they get sacked, or if don't stay in the game the entire time.  Darren and I have a common saying, "You get what you work for, not what you wish for!" It is certainly NOT to discourage our children, but rather it is meant to encourage them and make them work that much harder.  With that being said, Jax had been begging me to get him some tires.  He wanted to improve his football skills.  So, this past Sunday, I texted one of our closest friends, Zach Harris.  He happens to not be only our friend, but a race car competitor and Jax's football coach, PERFECT!!!! Zach dug out some old racing tires from the mountain side, that he lives on, and headed over with his two boys: Cohen and Caleb. Both of our families joined in on the fun!!!
We used the two tires, a belt, and rope!!!!
Jaxey got to go first.  Coach Zach timed the boys so that it could be MORE competitive.
Cohen beat Jax by 10 seconds I think.  Is that right Coach Zach?
Ty beat Cohen by 10 seconds.  Is that right Coach Zach?
Little brother Caleb gave it a try too!
Then, little sister said, "What boys can do, girls can do BETTER!!!!"
And then of course #fitdad and #fitmom took a turn.  I am so thankful Darren didn't snap photos or videos of me.  I was still in my dress from church, LOL, but I had tennis shoes on. Of course Darren beat everyone! Darren did say, "I was pretty impressed at how fast you went."
After the tire drag, the boys rolled the tires up the hill.  
Look at his little tongue out.  Hehe.
Enjoy some of the video clips (out of order) and I apologize in advanced, but the quality is poor (thanks I-phone).
This was a blast and I was even thankful for the exercise. ALTHOUGH tiresome and taxing, I love this type of stuff. Thank you Zach for fulfilling my little guy's dreams.

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