Thursday, June 23, 2016

Disney Lego Gift Idea!

One of my best friend's, Ashely Harris, has been planning a trip to Disney for TWO YEARS! Her husband works for Interstate Batteries and every two years the entire company goes somewhere. Two years ago, it was San Fransisco.  This time, it's DISNEY! Her oldest, Cohen, has literally been saving his allowance and birthday money for two years.  Today is the day, and praise God they are still going. They got a HORRIBLE stomach bug about 4 days ago and everyone has been so ill.  Can you imagine? At least the Lord has healed them about 90% and they are driving to Orlando as we speak.

A few weeks ago, I found Disney Mini Lego Figurines at Five Below! I HAD TO BUY THEM for the Harris kids.  Last night, I quickly created a printable and attached it to each of their packs.  Feel free to snag this idea, using my free printable.
I used my Mickey Mouse icon punch, that I bought 3 years ago, for our Disney Trip and made a small punch in the bottom of the printable, just to give the "tag" more of a Disney feel. OH... and I downloaded the "Waltograph" free font online!!
I love the way the entire thing turned out AND I think the Harris kids did too!
I requested a photo of the figurines and this is what I got.  LOL! I am going to see if Ashely can resend me a close up, so my viewers can see what these legos look like "in person".
Ashely said that 2/3 kids received Mickey Mouse (so cool...HE IS DISNEY) and 1/3 kids received Aladin! Ashely took a video RIGHT BEFORE they opened their gifts. 

Looking for other ways to be creative with legos? Check out this link, "Top 10 Ways Legos Are educational for Your Child: Learning with LEGO -Brick Dave".


  1. This is so great! I'm going to try & find these at our local store. My granddaughter would love it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome!!! Has Clark/Mickey Mouse called?


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