Saturday, March 12, 2016

VTMBB Hokies Vs. Hurricanes ~ 2016

Darren treated us to a Virginia Tech men's basketball game last weekend! It wasn't the boys first game, but it was Lilah and I's.  Usually, Darren takes the boys and Lilah and I have a girls day out! I was excited to go though.  When we arrived, I could tell instantly that I was going to really enjoy myself.  I love that the game is fast paced, indoors, and the hype is cool because it's accompanied with loud, fun music.  Our family even made it to the BIG SCREEN! LOL!
This particular game happened to be "Senior Day". Every last home game is considered Senior Day!  All of the senior basketball players, cheerleaders, etc. were being acknowledged.  The photo immediately below is prior to the stadium being filled up.
Shayne Henry was the only senior basketball player.  He and his wife walked onto the court to receive a framed jersey! 
Let the game begin!
I am a HUGE fan of Coach Buzz.  He is such a great coach. We had the opportunity to meet him, in person, when he first coached for Virginia Tech.  He is also a believer and appears to be a great daddy.  Not sure how he does it all.
I never make it to the group pics since I am the photographer, but I love this shot!
Guess who came to personally say hello?  THE HOKIE BIRD!!!
After seeing ourselves on the big screen the first time, Lilah was determined to get on it again, so she was really into cheering the team on!!!
Our seats were great! This was our view.
"Let's Go! HOKIES!"
I snapped this photo just to gross my husband out.  LOL!  He is a #mustardhater and a #condimenthater. This is the WORST food combination E-V-E-R in Darren's opinion.  When I showed Darren this photo, he said "That guy should be arrested and thrown in jail!"  LOL!
We had a really wonderful time! It was extra awesome because the Hokies beat the Hurricanes!!!!

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