Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tyson's Christmas - 2015

Every year, I always wonder if our kids' excitement will eventually dissipate, but truth be told, every year it gets better and better. We sorta prepared the kids that this year, we didn't just roam the malls and surrounding stores, OR the internet and buy to buy. We bought ONLY and exactly what we thought the kids either needed or would really benefit from and enjoy.  Ty was a tad hard to shop for this year because 1. As he gets older, his requests are more expensive and 2. He is very blessed, so he isn't in need of much. The kids' rise time, Christmas morning, is determined by Darren and I's Christmas Eve (night) workload. Darren and I were fully wrapped this year.  I was SO thankful for that push from Darren, so we told the kids they could wake up at 7 am.  Darren and I actually woke up before them.  I put our Christmas breakfast in the oven and we waited for the kids to come downstairs.  Check out the smiles on their faces.
Jax told me that his favorite part about Christmas morning is coming down and seeing, for the FIRST time, the wrapped gifts. It surely does make for a great presentation.  
 I always wrap some gifts and leave a few (usually the hard to wrap gifts) unwrapped.  
We start with our stockings.
Then, Darren reads the Christmas Story to the kids.  We want Jesus to be on the forefront of our minds always, but especially on His birthday. We ask the kids questions after and pray.  If we didn't ask questions, I highly doubt the kids would listen. There are a ton of distractions in that room. LOL! 
Ty was thrilled to get these Steelers pjs
After opening gifts, we head downstairs to see what Santa Claus brought.
Ty's gifts were very small and hard to see, so as he was walking towards Santa's gifts, I think you can tell from the pictures below that he wasn't quite sure if he got anything.
 BUT NOW, you can see how stinking excited he was when he FINALLY found his pile. 
He received an iPad mini, a keyboard for it, and an otter box.  
I think Ty was very appreciative for all of his gifts.  He especially loved his North Face jacket, drone, new alarm clock, fishing pole, and his Steph Curry 2 sneaks!!!

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