Monday, November 16, 2015

A Voxer Message From Lilah

A few weeks back, I had a BAD moment and left the house in gut wrenching tears.  I HAVE NO IDEA NOW what it was about, LOL! Because I rarely cry and my children have NEVER seen me storm out of the house, in urgency, crying, it really left a temporary hole in Lilah's heart.  She sent me a voxer message and I HAD to document it.  It's just SO SWEET!!! I'm pretty sure I left the house in tears because of something my dogs did. I might update this post and fill you in, if my dear friend Jody even remembers what happened.  I told her, but for some reason, it's a vacant memory now. GOOD! I'm glad.  I think any parent would agree that a message like that would drag their butt right back home, to love on a sweet, little girl!!!!!

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